Training Classes

Philosophy & Range

“Train by reward and your training will reward you.”

Weekly training classes on various days of the week, in a purpose built enclosed dog training field and clubhouse, where you can use the facilities, enjoy refreshments and shelter if the weather turns. All ages and breeds of dogs are welcome.

Our dog classes are held for puppies through to adult dogs, ranging from beginners, through intermediate to advanced and specialist, which means no matter what your dog’s standard, there will be a suitable class for you. All class sizes are restricted so that you get the quality of service you deserve and you and your dog progress rapidly as a team, reaching your goals quicker than you thought possible. All that is required is for the owner to come with a positive attitude and have fun while learning in the stress free training environment.

Training Techniques

Our difference is in our approach. We believe in the personal touch, training your dog and you to the level that you want and require. We understand that all dogs and owners are different and require different training and motivation to achieve their personal goals. We aim to providing a complete dog training service.
Our dog classes are held for puppies to adult dogs, ranging from beginners, intermediate to advanced and specialist, which means no matter what your dogs standard there will be a suitable class for you.
As well as good quality dog training we arrange lectures with guest speakers and have formed partnerships with companies offering dog-related services.
Dog Academy’s trainers will travel to clients in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London and occasionally further afield for one-to-one training sessions.

Training Basics

Our courses run for eight weeks for both Puppies and Adult dogs, aiming at obtaining a qualification certificate for your efforts at the end of the course. During your eight weeks we will show you how to get your dog to recall to you, even from other dogs, to sit, lay down, stand, go flat (play dead) and much more, on command. We will also introduce your dog to fun agility. During the lessons we normally use one or two pieces of the agility equipment (subject to the age of the dog); these can include the 5 meter tunnel(s), weave poles, see-saw, hurdles, tyre, long jump and ‘A’ frame. Not only because both the owner and dog thoroughly enjoy it but because it builds the dogs confidence as well.

Important Information

Our Golden Rule for Dog Training here at Dog Academy is:
Reward in your training is Everything.

This will be in the form of food, praise, or play.You will learn the correct time to reward your dog to encourage learning as well as the correct time to ignore your dog to avoid bad habits.It is important to give praise at the correct time and in the correct way. We will ensure that you are trained at the correct pace for you and your dog to enable you to become an efficient team.We will ensure that you can walk before we teach you to run.