Advanced Training

Further Training

Challenge yourself and your dog; take your training to a higher level.

Do you want to push your training to a higher level? Have more fun and get out in the open and get fitter, join our advanced training class.

In this class you will be working your dog off the lead, you will take your heelwork to the next level, including recalls through other dogs, sendaways, retrieves, downs while sending away and recalling from a toy. You will learn how to train your dog to find and retrieve items of hidden or lost property and much more.

Tracking and Search training

We run the following levels:

Introduction, basics, intermediate and advance levels.

We will show you the basics of tracking, and searching for both property and people, by the end of the first course most dogs can follow a basic track left by a person, or find hidden articles of property which have human scent on them as well as locate a hidden person.

The courses are four hours in length and are suitable for any dog from six months of age upwards. You will learn about what makes up a track or why dogs find the articles which have been hidden but ignore others in the area. You will be taught about Scent and the importance of this to the dog.

Following each course you will obtain the appropriate level certificate.

Give it a go, have some fun and learn a new skill.